How pay as you go SIM Cards offer great Value

    Many monthly contracts for mobile phones provide useful allocations of free texts, minutes and data up to prearranged limits, providing a significant bonus to mobile phone owners.  While this is of benefit to heavy users who might frequently use up the bulk of their package benefits, it is less useful for those who rarely do […]

  • android business

    4 Powerful Android Apps for any Business User or Professional

    It’s evident that Blackberry does not have the monopoly over the world of business mobiles anymore. With more and more offices allowing employees to bring their own device to work, Android has emerged as a platform preferred by many. This is because Android makes smartphones friendlier, fun and easier on the pocket. What makes Android […]

  • Jelly Bean

    Advantages of Jelly Bean over previous versions of Android

    Android, as most of you probably know already is an OS that is based on Linux and has been designed specifically for mobile phones and portable devices like tablets and E-readers. It is also used in set top boxes, some networking equipment and even household appliances and watches. It supports various audio, video and still […]

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