Thank you for your genuine interest in Android Phones Blog. Below are a series of FAQ’s about this blog which I hope answer any questions you may have around us.

What is Android Phones Blog?

Android Phones Blog is what is says on the tin, a blog quite simply about Android Phones.

Why JUST Android Phones?

There seems to be a dilution in the world of Android now, as just a couple of years ago, it was confined to Smartphones. Now there are a range of devices running it – from tablets to microwaves – and Android Phones Blog aims to cut out the tablets / other and bring you the good stuff.

Why is your site of such a simple design?

We don’t need a complicated design in order to deliver brilliant content and writing. This blog is also dead easy to maintain.

Can I write for you?

Sure you can! You have to have a devoted interest in Android Phones though, and be willing to write atleast one post weekly. Contact us to get started.

Who Runs this blog?

Android Phones Blog is a spin off website run by me Jakk Ogden, who also owns and runs TechnologyBlogged.com, one of the fastest growing UK Consumer Technology Blog’s on the internet.

Who writes this stuff?

Android Phones Blog currently has two main authors, me (@technoholicjakk) and Alec (@MiscMusicReview)

Do you love Android?

Yes we do. We love it so much We want to pick it up and give it a smooch!