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As a high quality Android blog, at Android Phones Blog we are placed in the perfect position to offer fantastic advertising opportunities for smartphone re-sellers, software vendors and accessory providers. Based in the UK, can help your commerce store or client reach a hugely targeted audience through tailored advertising opportunities designed for maximum impact.

Commonly, we work alongside of and meet the demands of companies such as:

– Brands

– E-commerce stores

– Web Development agencies

– SEO Companies

The type of advertisements we provide include 125 x 125 banner advertisements in our sidebar, contextual backlinks (links within posts) and sponsored posts which are published to Android Phones Blog, written by our team.

Let’s talk prices!

We ask that any potential customers out there who are interested in the advertising opportunities available on Android Phones Blog get in touch with us to discuss pricing, due to the bespoke nature of advertisements and the different niches of potential client.

We look forward to meeting you!

For all advertising inquiries please email us directly:

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