Booting Android on your HTC HD2 has never been easier

android phones hd2

Ahhh the HTC HD2, a remarkeably beautiful handset packed full of top spec hardware and an operating system i’d rather throw in a toilet than use. Sure HTC stuck Sense UI on top of Windows 6.5, but that was just a cover up for them not wanting to devote ALL handsets to Android at that time.

If you actually own a HTC HD2, then this post should come as news as you can now dual boot your HD2 with either Android (woop) or Windows Phone 7 (no judgements here, I like WP7).

You can dual boot your HD2 by using an SD Card in your phone which has both OS’s pre-installed. All of this can be yours if you get on over to xda developers. Hit up the link at the end of this post to go right there.



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