Samsung Galaxy Rising – Or Not?

On May 3rd 2012, in a press event held in London, Samsung is rumored to be unveiling the successor to the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy SII. Over the last few months, a fleet of rumors have been released in regards to the mystery phone, as well as pictures and videos claiming to be of the as of yet unannounced smartphone.

The rumors have covered all aspects of the phone, from the size of the screen, to the processor, as well as what types of connectivity options the phone will offer – just to name the big ones.

Now I don’t doubt Samsung’s ability to release a quality product, but in a bit over 24 hours we will have a final answer as to just what this magical device looks like, as well as what it is packing. When that happens, it will raise more questions such as “What was Samsung thinking?” followed by “Will the consumers really go for this?” and finally, my personal favorite “How will this compare against Apple’s next iPhone?”.

The thing about rumors is that, they are just that – rumors. They cannot all possibly be true, unless Samsung is revealing a swath of new Galaxy smartphone’s. So as soon as the moment of truth comes, we will know just which rumors were on the money, and which were purely blasphemous.

Samsung could just as well pull the old “bait-and-switch” at the last minute revealing a completely different product then speculated. An unlikely scenario indeed, however, its certainly possible that the new Galaxy smartphone may indeed be unlike anything it was rumored to be.

Until the moment of truth arrives, we just have to wait it out – and hope the latest Android flagship smartphone meets and beats our expectations.

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