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shazam One of the most popular applications in the mobile world, Shazam, has announced that anyone who has their application on an Android will get unlimited use from now until the beginning of next year. Shazam allows users to find out the name of a song just by playing the song into your phone’s microphone. This means that you no longer have to go through the annoyance of humming a song that you heard on the radio to everybody, so that you can find out its name. Simply open up Shazam and the app will do all of the hard work for you. In the past though, and now still on the iPhone and Blackberry versions of the software, you were only given 5 goes (known as tags) a month to find out the name of songs.

Now though, due to an unprecedented new sponsorship deal with internet auction giant Ebay, you can now use Shazam as many times as you like each month until January 1st 2012.

There are other new features available to Android users as they now get to use the Shazam Friends feature. This was previously only available for iOS users and it gives you the chance to view and listen to real-time feed of songs tagged by your friends. The big talk has been of the partnership with Ebay though as it is the first such deal to be struck between an application and a sponsor. There will surely be many that follow suit though, as it offers the developers of the application a revenue stream and lets customers purchase applications for cheaper. Shazam have been lauding the partnership with Alex Musil, Executive Vice President of Product Marketing at the company saying “eBay is a brand people know and love, and we’re excited to announce them as our exclusive sponsor, bringing all Android Shazamers the benefit of unlimited music discovery.”

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