Text Messaging and the Future

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In a world populated by tablets, smartphones, Blackberries, and other mobile devices offering instantaneous communication, is there still room for the humble text message? The 140 character limit seems needlessly constraining, without any functionality to compensate for it. However, while this may be the case for private communications, text messaging is an entirely different affair for businesses. Here, the SMS can find a large number of creative applications that can be implemented at a low cost, as the text message protocol is included in all but the most ancient cell phones.

Reporting Emergencies

The simplest way is to use text messages as emergency notifications. Informing about news is impractical. Reporting emergencies is not. For example, a text message can warn an IT specialist in a hosting company about an imminent server failure, allowing for intervention before the hardware in question fails. The biggest advantage of the text messaging system is that as long as the monitoring system uses a communications channel independent of the monitoring machine, it will work even if the latter fails completely.

General Notifications

Emergencies aren’t the only application. The short message can be also used as notifications for a variety of other purposes. For example, for delivery business text messaging can be used to notify its employees about new items to deliver, while personnel can instantly report completed deliveries. The sky is the limit when it comes to text messages as notifications, thanks to the flexibility and compatibility of the system.

Providing Additional Security

In a security-oriented business text messaging can also be used to provide an additional layer of security. This is most commonly used by banks, for verifying financial transactions. While offering marginally less security than the most common disposable password lists, it is cheaper to implement. It can also provide an additional layer of security for companies handling sensitive materials, to act as a tertiary verification step.

Recovering Access

Of course, tokens aren’t the only way a text messaging system can improve security. They can also be used to restore access in cases where the original credentials were lost. In these cases, a text message usually provides an access code that can be used to create a new password or restore an account. By using two separate channels to verify the user, the system greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized access or malicious action.

There are hundreds of other applications of the humble text message. The only limiting factor is your imagination, as the technology is mature enough to support implementing practically every idea. The only barrier is price, as text messages are not free. The most widespread burdens the sender with the cost of sending messages. Although a single SMS costs very little, business text messaging usually involves large volumes of messages. Any business model utilizing this medium needs to account for the expenses. However, the barrier is also a blessing in disguise, as it greatly reduces the appeal of spamming, so common in systems where communication is essentially free.

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