Text Messaging and the Future

In a world populated by tablets, smartphones, Blackberries, and other mobile devices offering instantaneous communication, is there still room for […]

4 Money Saving Android Apps you Simply Must Download

Did you know that money money money, is so funny, in a rich man’s world? Well it’s true, yet unfortunately […]

Android Apps

Building an App yet Low on Funds? Consider Crowdfunding

If you are an individual app developer, then you will know that sometimes funds are hard to come by in […]

android business

4 Powerful Android Apps for any Business User or Professional

It’s evident that Blackberry does not have the monopoly over the world of business mobiles anymore. With more and more […]

android apps for kids

Top 5 Android Apps for Kids

Many people like to entertain their kids with their smartphones, especially if those smartphones are rugged and armed with huge […]

building an app

The Rise of Gaming on Android

It’s incredible to think that in 2003 consumers got their first taste of powerful mobile phone gaming in the name […]


Tapjoy – Bringing people together.

What’s interesting about Tapjoy is this: in the world of mobile technology, there are three groups of people: those who […]

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