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Text Messaging and the Future

In a world populated by tablets, smartphones, Blackberries, and other mobile devices offering instantaneous communication, is there still room for […]

Tip: Stay Connected on a Business Trip with Smartphone Tethering

If you are an employee of or own a business where you send a bucket loads of e-mails and work […]

Samsung Patent

Smartphones with a Folding Display? Samsung Patent Hints at the Possibilities

Are folding displays ever going to become available within smartphones? In the future, almost certainly, however right now there is […]

Money Saving Android Apps

4 Money Saving Android Apps you Simply Must Download

Did you know that money money money, is so funny, in a rich man’s world? Well it’s true, yet unfortunately […]

Android Apps

Building an App yet Low on Funds? Consider Crowdfunding

If you are an individual app developer, then you will know that sometimes funds are hard to come by in […]

Micro-sim Template

A look at smartphone nano technology and the microsim template

Are smartphones getting bigger or smaller? In the past couple of years smartphones seem to be bucking the trend of […]

galaxy nexus android

How to configure a home network using Android Phone

When you purchase a smartphone on contract, you typically get a great data plan at high speeds, especially if you […]

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