4 Money Saving Android Apps you Simply Must Download

Money Saving Android Apps

Did you know that money money money, is so funny, in a rich man’s world? Well it’s true, yet unfortunately the majority of us are not rich. With that said, everybody no matter what their wealth enjoys a good bargain, and in this super competitive world online stores and brands are literally falling over themselves to offer the very cheapest goods for your hard earned cash. There really are some great deals to be had online, however you can do even better: your Android smartphone has access to over 700,000 apps, and of those apps, a fair few are real money saving applications which are fantastic for those watching the pennies or simply looking to cut the cost of a particular purchase down.

Whether you want some new kicks’, a shiny new tablet or indeed just want to save a little on this months food shop, there are apps out there to help. Here, today, I will showcase 5 money saving Android apps you simply must download or check out within the Google Play Store. The best part? They are all free. What, you didn’t think a money saving app was going to charge you, did you?

Hot UK Deals

If you live in the UK like I do, you have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Hot UK Deals. Much like the full desktop site, this nifty Android app lets you find all of the hottest daily deals on gadgets, books, utilities and other products as found and submitted by the sites active community. Simply fantastic!


I know, I know, there are literally hundreds of voucher and discount code websites and apps available to consumers. Vouchercloud just so happens to be my personal favourite though, with thanks to a slick UI and a seemingly endless supply of high street retailers. This app is updated daily with fresh codes.


I know, I know, there are soooo many voucher code apps available to download and all of them are the same. Shopkick is a bit different though; sure, it uses the same concept, however this app works on rewards and you can grab deals based on where you shop. Walk in to McDonalds, for example, and you will be greeted with deals and special offers.


Considered to be one of the very best shopping apps available, PriceRunner allows you to search or browse to find the best available prices, the closest stockists and the latest product reviews for over 3 million products all within a single app. It is great to use, easy to find deals on, and best of all will save you money.

So there we have it, 5 money saving Android apps for you to download and have a play with. Personally, I like Google Shopper and Hot UK Deals the best but then again, I am based in the UK. Enjoy!

P.S: Got your own favourite money saving Android app? Let us know below!

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  1. My Voucher Codes has a good app too

  2. Anoriginaltecher December 7, 2012 Reply

    I had never even heard of Shopper, is it just an app version of Google shopping?

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