Building an App yet Low on Funds? Consider Crowdfunding

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If you are an individual app developer, then you will know that sometimes funds are hard to come by in order to get a project off the ground.

Unless you are creating an incredibly simple feed-based Android application the cost to create a heavy app spirals once problems arise, when new people have to come on board or your app has to be changed due to unforseen circumstances. For big companies, creating an app with a high expense is easy, but for individuals or small businesses it can be a whole lot harder to get the funds.

Crowdfunding your app idea is a great way to earn the money needed to take it off the ground.

So what can you do? Well you could ask your family or friends for money, or set up a website surrounding the app asking for donations, or you could do what I would do; consider crowdfunding for your app needs.

Now I know exactly what you are thinking as a clued up Android consumer familiar with the world of technology; isn’t that essentially the same as going to Kickstarter? The answer to that question is yes, however more predominantly no. In most cases, Kickstarter is used by individuals looking to get mass funding for tangible products, whilst mobile apps are very rare to find on there. Thankfully, there are actually better options than said website for getting crowdfunding for an app.

I recently stumbled across this website, Crowd Funding Reviews, who list all of the best crowd funding websites making it easy to find the ideal platform to generate resources. Of note are Go Fund Me and Bizfilings, whilst other high quality operators are also there.

Crowdfunding is a great way to generate funds for a wide variety of different things. Sometimes referred to as ‘crowd financing’ crowdfunding is a means for individuals with an idea to go from project to product with the help of individuals and organizations they may have never even met. Although this may take the personal feel of projects away, we reckon’ it is easily one of the best ways to get an app finished properly due to funds being available.

If you have a really good idea for an Android app, we definitely recommend hitting up the above recommendation for a list of solid crowdfunding websites. After all, wouldn’t you rather feel secure financially whilst building something?

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  1. I could not agree more with crowdfunding. UK’ers can now also join Kickstarter.

    • Phil Sutcliff December 5, 2012 Reply

      If I had a great app idea I would consider Kickstarter, although it isn’t the sort of place for kick bucks. Backers are looking for creative, innovative apps.

      • Author

        Indeed. It’s a great place for the budding entrepreneur though, and crowdfunding through any reputable means is a great way to get the cash needed to take a project from concept to product.

  2. Darren Helsies December 5, 2012 Reply

    A site called Go Fund Me is pretty neat for crowdfunding.

  3. Does crowdfunding have to be paid back or is it basically a donation?

    • Tim Burtle December 6, 2012 Reply

      No, however if somebody funded a potential product or service and that person did a runner, I suspect they would be in BIG trouble as it is fraud. If a product simply fails, however, this may be acceptable but I doubt it.

  4. Do you guys have any examples of Android apps which were created from crowdfunding?

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