A look at smartphone nano technology and the microsim template

Micro-sim Template

Are smartphones getting bigger or smaller?

In the past couple of years smartphones seem to be bucking the trend of shrinking technology. A few years ago mobile phones were in a race to shrink to childlike proportions; in all aspects they were getting smaller. But now smartphones seem to be growing in size in a confusing Alice in Wonderland twist of fate.

The iPhone 5 for example may be the thinnest iPhone ever, but it also has the biggest screen, hmm. Although smartphones haven’t devolved into ‘brick-like’ exhibits from the nineties that thankfully went out of fashion along with overly padded shoulders and pinstripe suits, we can reasonably say they aren’t the smallest things around.

However, the power and technology that’s packed inside one smartphone is far greater than what went into laptops half a decade ago. So whilst the casing may be getting bigger – relatively – what’s inside, the bit the counts, is shrinking faster than you can say Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

This is all very well and good, but sometimes there is a mismatch in technology with one thing not keeping pace with another. A perfect case in point: sim cards. Whether you need a micro sim in the iPhone 4S or now a nano sim in the iPhone 5, as Mick Jagger famously sung: you can’t always get what you want. To get a cheap sim only deal you may need to compromise and this may require a healthy dose of creativity.

The good folks at giffgaff have put their creative heads together and devised a microsim templatefor all those too afraid to walk on the wild side and cut their own card down to micro size. All you have to do is print out the template, put it over your sim and cut to size: simple.

If you don’t want to lift a finger, other than to type on the keyboard, you can enlist another giffgaff member who has their own microsim cutter or just a bit more motivation than you to do it for you. The giffgaff community is pretty friendly like that and you may find out more tips using giffgaff on Facebook.

You can of course get yourself your own micro sim cutter from the friendly people at eBay. They are pretty cheap, usually just a few quid; then you can be one of those friendly giffgaff community members yourself doing your bit for the micro-size world of technology.

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