Top 4 Android Video Apps for your Smartphone

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The stock video player on the Android platform works pretty well and will satisfy most folks. However, there are video apps available for the Android platform which perform much better and have a lot more features than the stock player. If you watch a lot of videos on your Android device and are a true videophile then you have come to the right place to find the best Android video apps for 2012.

Without further ado let us review the top four apps one by one.

  1. MVideo Player
    This app is one of the most popular video apps on the Android market.  It’s a free app and hands-down the most popular replacement for the stock Android video player. It is very stable, robust and codes video very effectively. You can easily manage your video files by viewing them in either list view or post view. One particular advantage of MVideo is that it supports many more subtitle formats which other players don’t. It also has many interesting and colorful themes so you can change the appearance of you player whenever you want.
  2. MoboPlayer
    This is a great app for Android because it can play all types and formats of video without transcoding it. There’s an extensive list of menus and options and the user interface is very friendly and clear. All formats of subtitles are fully supported. Managing your videos with the MoboPlayer is great because it displays a list of your videos in a 3-D carousel which makes finding your videos fun and easy.
  3. QQ Player
    Another great video player which supports all popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV and etc. It also supports subtitles such as SMI, SRT and MKV. It has built in smart video format detection. When you open a video file to play, it automatically detects the video format and starts applying the correct codec for a smooth and clear playback.
  4. MX Player
    MKX supports all formats of video and multiple subtitle files as well. It provides crystal clear high definition video play back, play lists which are editable and advanced video features. MX Player also offers customizable themes and subtitle options too.  It provides compatibility with all Android Os platforms, so you could watch videos on Android Froyo, Gingerbread or Honeycomb.

Which video and is the best you may ask? The answer depends on an individuals preference. I suggest downloading all four apps, since they are all free and available on the Android market, and testing each one by watching various videos on them. Whichever one you prefer you keep and delete the others.

I sincerely believe once you use any one of the above apps you will never go back to the stock Android player. Another recommendation would be to make sure that you have a high-speed 4g enabled Android phone to be able to play and enjoy videos since they require a lot of bandwidth.  Take a look at Verizons Fios Promotions to see their savings on 4g enabled phones.

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