Top 5 Android Apps for Kids

android apps for kids

Many people like to entertain their kids with their smartphones, especially if those smartphones are rugged and armed with huge screens (like the Samsung Galaxy Note). The only problem is – there are no built-in apps in Android phones that can be interesting or useful for children. But there’s good news, too – Google Play, known as Android Market before, holds a number of apps designed especially for kids. And here are the best five among them:

1. Shape Builder Preschool Puzzle

This app is designed for preschool children and aims to teach them how to arrange shapes, understand instructions and rewards. The puzzles come in a variety of shapes and difficulties and are accompanied by voice and sound as the puzzle begins, is being completed and is finished. The puzzle pieces are dragged by the finger to make up a variety of child friendly shapes and images. Such an app is not only fun for preschool children to use, but is also educational, an ideal combination. 144 puzzles are included, which will leave your preschooler entertained for long periods of time.

2. PopMath

Similar to Shape Builder, PopMath provides a fun but educational activity for children on an Android device. However, PopMath is more suitable for school age children who are learning basic mathematics for the first time. Through popping various balloons on the screen through a finger’s touch, the user solves various math puzzles with the difficulty increasing as their math skills also increase. The app is extremely user friendly and will keep a child occupied for hours. A paid version of the app for $1 is available, however the lite version can be downloaded free of charge.

3. Celeste SE

Celeste is an app which will enthral any child fascinated in outer space and the solar system. The app provides a variety of interesting facts that are easy to comprehend for an under twelve years old, and through various graphics provides a visual representation of the sun, moon and planets as they orbit and rotate. The app goes further through showing which planets are aimed at when your child points the camera in any given direction, even when indoors. Further information is also given about which planets are aligned or any other interesting patterns. Information on where and when the sun and moon will rise and set is also available with just a touch of the screen. Easy to navigate for a child, the $2 price tag is certainly worthwhile.

4. Angry Birds

Anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years will have at least heard of this extremely popular smartphone game. Enjoyed and addicted to by children and adults alike, Angry Birds is a simple game that is suitable for all ages and never ceases to amuse and frustrate. The game consists of a quest by varying birds, angry that a host of seriously sick green pigs donning various dodgy hats and facial hair have stolen their eggs, to hurl themselves via catapult at a variety of buildings and objects that the pigs are hiding behind and within. A reasonable solution to any conflict, one would have assumed. The game is won by destroying all the pigs on the level. However, the advanced challenge is to find all the missing golden eggs. Be warned however, a single battered and bruised pig refusing to disappear into thin air can be an extremely infuriating sight!

5. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very simple game that can be easily enjoyed by all ages. The concept of the game is to slice varying pieces of fruit that are thrown up onto the screen using a sword that is operated through the use of the users sliding finger. Be warned however! Bombs can often be seen thrown up also which will result in a loss if blown up through the user slashing them! A variety of gameplay styles have been produced by the manufacturer which makes a potentially one dimensional game interesting, and can result in competitive score beating between friends.

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