Oh Noes! T-Mobile Charging Sensation 4G Owners For Tethering

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Every so often, a company performs an action that makes consumers do a double take, and proclaim the proverbial “WTF”. This usually happens when a decision is so stupid, its mindbogglingly maddening that any sane human could have approved of it.

Such is the case with T-Mobile (US) decision to start charging HTC Sensation 4G owners for the ability to tether their smartphone to their computer, or use it as a wireless hotspot. The part that is truly insane? The free hotspot functionality is terminated when users upgrade to the official T-Mobile Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) upgrade. Yeah, utter craziness.

The upgrade is optional – but who wouldn’t want to upgrade?

T-Mobile customers will have to signup for a ‘Smartphone Mobile Hotspot’ plan and  fork over an additional $14.99 per month for a feature that no wireless carrier outside of North America charges for.

PCMag questioned T-Mobile regarding the decision, and as to why a number of Android smartphone’s offer free tethering, while others do not. A T-Mobile representative responded by saying “T-Mobile began offering a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan in November 2010, however, due to technical limitations with software, customers were not being charged for the feature on select T-Mobile products. Customers who choose to upgrade their HTC Sensation 4G to the optional Android 4.0 (ICS) software update will be required to sign up for the $14.99 Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan. ”

Of course, through the use of custom ROM’s, users should be able to avoid paying this utterly ridiculous fee.

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