Sony Overtakes HTC in UK Smartphone Sales

Sony Xperia

Do you know what’s weird? HTC. Yep, HTC. In 2011, the Taiwanese based company was making headlines after announcing record profit after record profit, with its Android phones leading the way to success. Fast forward to 2012, though, and HTC isn’t doing so well and news has just made our inbox that HTC have been overtaken in UK smartphone sales by Sony, whom only split from the Ericsson brand in October of last year.

According to reports Sony made 500,000 smartphone sales across the UK during Q3, which is more so than HTC could manage during this time. This means that for the first time ever, Sony takes second spot as the UK’s most popular Android phone brand according to sales, sitting only behind the mighty Samsung, a feat which defies belief when you take a look at what HTC has to offer.

HTC have an amazing phone in the One X, One X+ and mid-range One S. The One series was released this year to tie together HTC’s smartphone line-up, which prior to 2012 was messy and confusing. Despite this new found strategy and clarity amongst its products though, something has gone foul and caused HTC’s sales to slump within the UK.

Do you guys and gals’ have any reason as to why Sony have taken second spot of HTC?

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