BlackBerry Z10, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and Lumia 820 Side by Side

BlackBery Z10

Yo! So, like, we understand that we are a humble Android blog, however we have been closely tuning in to BlackBery and their announcement of the Z10 and BB10 OS. We have to say it looks pretty neat (but not as neat as Jelly Bean, of course) and the chaps over at Pocket Lint have seen fit to post some images of the latest touch screen BlackBerry handset alongside a Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 820. All in all, we’d say it looks like a pretty sweet piece of hardware, and that removable battery is a great addition to a handset which is aiming itself at young professionals and business folk alike.

BlackBerry Z10

Early reviews of the smartphone have been good, with credit given for the fantastic virtual keyboard, which in cases outperforms that of stock Android and iOS. What do you chaps and gals’ think? We think this is a match made in heaven.

Via: TechnologyBlogged Source: Pocket Lint

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