Godzilla!! Possible 5.3 inch Samsung smartphone / tablet inbound?

SamsungQTabletOh my god, is it a plane!? Nope. Is it a bird!? Nope. Is it a Dell Streak!? Nope. That’s what you WOULD be saying if we hadn’t run this story surrounding Samsung possibly releasing a 5.3 inch Gingerbread / Honeycomb packing monster of a smartphone, so you’ll have us to thank in advance for you not mistaking this possible smartphone as Godzilla trying to chew of somebodys ear. As Technology Blogged reports the handset is codenamed the “Galaxy Q”, and it is said to be a product filler to go in between the S II and 7″ Galaxy Tab (or for people who can’t decide between one or the other).

There is no word from Samsung on these rumours, however they initially started from Yahoo Korea, who ran a story surrounding the Galaxy Q stating that the handset will ship with a 5.3″ Super AMOLED display and would most probably be dual-core.

Via: Technology Blogged, FoneHome

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