How pay as you go SIM Cards offer great Value


Many monthly contracts for mobile phones provide useful allocations of free texts, minutes and data up to prearranged limits, providing a significant bonus to mobile phone owners.  While this is of benefit to heavy users who might frequently use up the bulk of their package benefits, it is less useful for those who rarely do so – they are still paying the same amount every month despite their lower levels of use. For this reason among others, there is a resurgence of interest in pay as you go (PAYG) packages for mobile phones.

Financial advantages

Value for money is one reason why pay as you go SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular – the monthly PAYG bill depends entirely on how many calls and texts are made and on how much, if any, data is being transferred.  What’s more, there are free pay as you go SIM cards available from a number of service providers, so there is no initial outlay required other than the cost of the handset, and top ups can be made in a variety of convenient ways.

Paying for phone calls, text and data as you go means that there are no monthly direct debits to manage, making it easier to keep track of spending. Also anyone can use PAYG, regardless of current credit ratings. There’s no doubt that it is exceptionally easy to budget for PAYG SIM packages, especially when users have accurately pinpointed their text, call and data usage.


Mobile phone suppliers have realised how attractive pay as you go has become and have produced PAYG-compatible handsets for a number of models, including BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Eriksson.  If smartphone enthusiasts are willing to splash out on an Apple iPhone, then there is a new unlocked version now on the market that can take a PAYG SIM.

Once an existing contract with a network has expired, mobile phone owners are free to unlock their handsets and take advantage of PAYG SIM deals with alternative networks, enabling them to look for cheaper options than those offered by mainstream service providers.


People who go abroad on business regularly or take foreign holidays find that the PAYG option is ideally suited to their travel needs. Rather than being tied to a network which charges exorbitant rates for international roaming fees, an alternative is to use a PAYG SIM card.  Upon arrival at a foreign destination, the card can be inserted into a mobile phone that is SIM-unlocked, permitting access to local networks. This will cost a fraction of the roaming fees payable for standard contracts.

The best free pay as you go SIM card

A tech website’s recent comparison of 14 different UK suppliers which offer free pay as you go SIM cards found that the favourite is undoubtedly giffgaff – 50 per cent of survey participants chose this as their top option. The costs of using giffgaff, which operates on the O2 network, are substantially lower than using mainstream networks – in fact, they are about half the price. There are deals and goodybag bundles available from £5 to £25 per month.

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