Motrola Atrix Hitting UK, Get Over To Orange!

motorola atrix

Are you in need of a powerhouse of a smartphone to play Angry Birds and throw custom ROM’s on to? Well then look no further than the Motorola Atrix, a beautiful handset which features not one but two Tegra 2 processors to keep you chugging away.

Now, if this post was made a week ago all the UK readers here would be like ‘Ha! Import an Atrix? No thanks!’ but alas my friends, because you no longer be so closed in the smartphones available to you, because Orange have officially announced that they are to stock the Motorola Atrix and pre-orders are available by next week by telephone or in store.

Orange have got the Atrix completely exclusively at the moment, and on this an Orange spokesperson said: “We’re pleased to be bringing Motorola ATRIX to our customers as it is one of the most innovative handsets we’ve seen this year”.

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