Smartphones with a Folding Display? Samsung Patent Hints at the Possibilities

Samsung Patent

Are folding displays ever going to become available within smartphones? In the future, almost certainly, however right now there is little to indicate that foldeable OLED displays are going to form a part of consumer electronics as we know it. Still, it’s nice to think on, and a recent Samsung patent indicates something that could happen or indeed make its way in to a product in the future.

The patent, which describes a technique that would put smaller yet bright pixels right at the joints between two displays, would let Samsung push screen borders on a smartphone closer together whilst at the same time ramping up the brightness to have those edge pixels blend in with the rest. As Samsung would rely on self-lit display technologies like OLED, it could tune the brightness of those tiny pixels relatively easily, without having to lean on complex backlighting. This would result in a smartphone with not only a stunning display, but also a flexible one, allowing you to essentially fold your smartphone in to a pocket or bag. Currently, of course, this is impossible.

Samsung is constantly looking to develop its display technologies. Currently, they are acclaimed for serving the best screens available for smartphones, with their TV’s also being rather brilliant (I have one, eeek!).

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