Will the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy IV be the Android Smartphone of 2013?

Samsung Galaxy IV S4

Last year, Samsung and HTC drew their swords and steamed in to battle with two mighty fine flagship Android powered handsets in the name of the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike in 2011 when HTC was dominating Android smartphone sales with bumper profits, 2012 saw a turn in the tide with the Samsung Galaxy S3 outselling HTC’s whole line up by a significant amount. Now the largest Android smartphone manufacturer in the world  Samsung will this year release the Galaxy S4 (IV) to the world with a rumoured full HD 1080p display, eight-core processor and a next generation form factor. For many, Samsung’s next-generation handset will be the Android phone to have in 2013, but that’s not to say HTC will not have a trick or two up its sleeve.

The rumoured ‘HTC One’, which is also codenamed the ‘HTC M7′, is slated to feature a polycarbonate unibody design similar to the utterly gorgeous HTC 8X running Windows Phone and a 1080p display. Early mock ups which have leaked show a stunning portrait of a smartphone HTC really need to sell well in 2013, if they have any hope in returning to the hugely competitive Android smartphone market being dominated currently by Samsung Galaxy offerings.

HTC has always had better custom software than Samsung, but Samsung’s handsets are more functional

Out of the box HTC has always had a better software than Samsung with their Sense UI, which is much prettier than TouchWiz. As was evident throughout 2012 though, consumers are not always looking for the prettiest thing: Samsung smartphones including the S3 and S2 feature removable back covers for a second battery, making them perfect for heavy users and those who travel a lot. This feature alone must drive a whole lot of sales Samsung’s way, as I know numerous reviewers, bloggers and friends who swear by only carrying handsets with a user replaceable battery.

As well as a user replaceable battery which is almost a given for the Samsung Galaxy IV, aspiring HTC M7 consumers are also looking out for next generation features such as wireless charging, as available on the Nokia Lumia 920 and an SD card slot to expand storage. In a world where smartphones are becoming increasingly sealed up, the inclusion of an SD card slot could help HTC make head way in the sales department.

What do you guys think? Which will be the smartphone to have in 2013? Both of these handsets are set to be launched before mid-year.

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