ICS For Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available

Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been increasingly finding its way onto more and more devices, some brand new, […]

Galaxy SIII Gets Priced In Germany

Oh so you want to get your Samsung Galaxy SIII in Germany jah? Well thankfully pricing for this beast of […]

Samsung Galaxy SIII - The Real Deal

Samsung Galaxy SIII Is Official

Well it took a while but the Samsung’s 2012 flagship Android smartphone has finally made its way out of the […]


Leaked Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Suggests It Will…

“I”m a rumor, I”m a rumor, I”m a rumor”. If a rumor could talk, it would probably say (or sing, […]

galaxy s iii

Samsung Galaxy S III could be launched soon, rumours surface

Rumours are what make the world go round in the smartphone market, and the latest rumour to hit our pretty […]

samsung galaxy s 2

Samsung to release ‘evolutionary’ phone

Samsung’s marketing is always top notch and on par with Apple, and this 2011, they have started the traditional ‘guess […]

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