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HTC Wildfire S

There is a segment of consumer goods that gets nowhere near as much press as our coveted technology, and in some cases (unfortunately) nowhere near as much thought as other products sold at virtually every grocery store/bodega/pharmacy the world over. That product, is the condom, and if you don’t know what it is, take two minutes out of your life to look it up.

This awesome table was originally posted on Business Insider and was created by Des Traynor of Intercom, this is clearly a man who uses his free time wisely.

It’s not the first time that product naming schemes have crossed over with products from other brands, often with hilarious, yet unintentional results. Perhaps HTC’s next flagship Android smartphone will be the “HTC Magnum”, that is a name that will assuredly inspire confidence. Motorola will likely follow with the “Motorola Trojan Maxx”. Not to be outdone, Samsung will probably release the “Samsung Galaxy ECP” with built-in pregnancy test…

VIA: The Droid Guy


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